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A new month calls for a fresh start, and what better start than with newer items of joy; Fragrances, Candles, and Makeup. 

No matter how well dressed an individual is, the look is always incomplete without an accompanying fragrance. With their importance highly underrated, we do not understand the role our scent plays in defining our image. Whether it be a Lavender flowery fragrance, for a jolly woman, or a dark Musk feature for a workaholic man. Scents outline auras.

In the same manner, candles are known to work wonders for the ambiance and aura of the home. Coming home to refreshing Jasmine scented candles lightening your dresseris always a treat to witness. Whilst having an array of beauty products lining the dresser is a better yet win-win situation. With the need to be in trend always, and ever-ready for arising events and parties, good makeup products have become necessities for women and men alike. So that we don’t have to worry about the dry weather or immense heat, instead, having the beauty product catering to the right skin and circumstances, and we are ready to win hearts. 

Premiere Avenue is here to cater to all such needs, and to amplify you and your lifestyle with the spark it needs. With newer and better products, such as the one below, September’s arrivals are bound to capture your heart.

Slow Dance – Byredo

A perfumeaccompanying features of masculinity as femininity, this scent is set to capture your scent-buds from the word ‘go!’, seeming strong at first, but then turning into a refreshing mixture of woody – a bittersweet combination indeed. Consisting of Vanilla, Violet, Geranium and more, the scent is unlike that of any other perfume. Whilst the sleek and classic look of the bottle makes it a must-have for the dressing table. 

Coffee Break – Maison Martin Margiela 

Addressing all things coffee, this perfume transports you to your favorite café, with the aroma of milk creamand roasted Arabica tantalizing your scent-buds. Whilst the unprecedented breaks of Lavender lead to further relaxation. 

Rose & Cuir – Jean-Claude Ellena 

A new floral composition, this fragrance has the peculiarity of containing earthily vibes, alongside being redolent of springtime. A leather fragrance for men and women alike, this scent comprises of Geranium and Black Pepper, as well as Vetiver and Cedar – giving it a certain spicy yet refreshing scent. 

Rolling In Love – Kilian 

A different combination, this scent is bound to stun many. Wrapped in a beautiful red packaging is this bundle of love, with refreshing tones of Vanilla and Musk, alongside floral interventions of Iris, Freesia and more. Emitting love and friendship, what better gift for the better half, than this?

Newer collections of scented candles from the Baobab Collection are also available, ranging from the herby vibes of Scented Grass to the strong yet sensitive fragrance of Disco – Tina. Whilst a stunning makeup collection from Tom Ford also awaits your arrival; bold lipsticks the likes of Lavender Extreme and a wide variety of Bronzers and more. 

So what are you waiting for? It is time to make a statement this month, and Premiere Avenue is your partner in this endeavor.

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