Star-Lina - Fornasetti -Bougie parfumée

Star-Lina - Fornasetti

175 €
dimanche, 05/12/2021

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A luxurious scented candle that comes in a glazed ceramic jar decorated with the face of Lina Cavalieri with a star to symbolize her status. Cavalieri was an opera singer and Piero Fornasettis muse. The candle is made from vegetable wax and scented with the fragrance Otto, created by the perfumer Olivier Polge.

Otto is a rich, round scent with top notes of thyme and lavender mixed with cedar and iris and rounded off in a base of tolubalsam, incense and birch. The scent is inspired by the herbs of the Fornasett family's own herbal garden

Burning time: ca 60 hours

Weight: 300 g

Piero Fornasetti was a sculptor, interior designer and graphic artist. His muse, opera singer Lina Cavalieri, has been perpetrated in his work. Fornasettis son Barnaba, in collaboration with Olivier Polge, has created suggestive room scents in beautiful handmade vessels.


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