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Symphonie-Passion - Unum -Extraits de Parfum
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Symphonie-Passion - Unum

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Wednesday, 18/12/2019

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Symphonie-Passion is a floral woody musk fragrance for women and men. Top notes: Peony and lemon Heart notes: Cashmeran and vetiver Base notes: Sandalwood, musk and cedar.

Unum comes from the desire to fully understand the "sanctity of the mystic", as an expression of an arduous search for cosmic knowledge that finds its genesis in a perfection inspired by the geometry of space, the understanding of volumes and the symphony of lines.   Unum is a unique perfume workshop, because it breaks with the classical perfume making tradition, embarking on its own original journey. A journey inspired first of all by its Creator Filippo's search for the deep cosmic knowledge of himself, an all round art lover and a histrionic artist, trying his hand at painting and music, and at the same time with the tailoring of unique clothes for solemn ceremonies.   Helped and supported by His pragmatic Partner Marcello, who is also an aesthete of exclusive tailoring, a tireless seeker of perfection, an enthusiastic admirer of beauty, understood as a natural force that counteracts the darkness of the mediocre, but who is above all an admirer Filippo's frantic and exuberant flair.  

This is the true sound of Unum: the fierce dissonance of two free spirits, as beautiful as different and yet so alike deep down.  

There are no compromises in the creative choices because every choice comes from the awareness of being dictated by the creative power of His eclectic designer Filippo assisted by his alter ego Marcello, in a pair of opposite poles that generate the new. NOTHING can be created  

What one alone can not even dare to imagine, in two they manage to merge into a single voice, or even in a single chorus. Unum is the sum of a universal synthesis of the beauty of several arts and crafts fused together .

Filippo embodies in himself all the knowledge, sensitivity, insanity and refined elegance of the designer who comes from the bright, dark Gothic. His magnetic and obscure aplomb captures you at first glance. You become lost when crossed by his pulsating eyes, surrounded by a thick and impertinent beard pointed straight at the heart of the essence, bringing you closer to His creations. The scent of perfumes is symphony and paintings, harmony and golden geometry.  

Three perfume extracts narrate three moments of mystical life: three symphonies that embody the Romanesque and Gothic architecture that reign in Him in every breath, in every gesture and in every idea. These extracts are then encased in precious bottles, sacred treasures of knowledge. The same emotions are then issued by the gentle scents emanating from the thundering light of candles made entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen. Emotions which then bloom into an olfactory carpet created by an innovative diffuser "armed" with only a single stick of porcelain.  

It is a collection inspired by the silent symphony of the life of Filippo, where His human and artistic path is traced and marked by every olfactory chord that bursts in each fragrance.  

These creations are the first bricks of a collection in the making that bases its strength on the spirituality of the Gothic Roman period that has left its mark on Filippo's soul. They are the building blocks that will create the greatest work of the artist, rising the per fumum to the sacredness of the most intimate and profound spirit. The majesty of this complex architecture is recognised from the outset. It envelops the soul and then slides into a fugue, to return majestic and lively, it flares up with a forte and then lulls you with a moderato andante that accompanies the discovery of the absolute self.  

Unum is a new collection that explores the sensory and defines new boundaries of artistic perfumery.

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