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Created eight years ago, this small intimist house, the baby of Stéphane, claims his originality with 12 flavors and a clear positioning: "concentrated by art. Extract of feelings." Flavors began by being sold during hangings of paintings painted by Stéphane to which flavors were associated, of real debates of colors and scents offering an immediate return of the clientele.

2022 Generation

50ml 245€

‘Oud Golden Boy’2022 represents an important year for the future of the Middle East as Qatar will p...

Black Gemstone

50ml 245€

‘Tribute to the Black Stone’Black Gemstone is a respectful reference to the sacred Black Stone in M...

Khôl de Bahreïn

50ml 155€

‘A sensation of makeup’Khôl de Bahreïn is a glamourous fragrance that refers to the Khôl, an anci...

Mortal Skin

50ml 245€

Venomous sandalwoodAct IThe perfume, languid and colourful, hypnotises m...


50ml 395€

‘Tribute to the Oud’A mastery of contrasts of this precious ingredient also called Agarwood.Hi...


50ml 155€

Imagine yourself being embraced by the savage beauty of a voluptuous and feline creature turn...

Rose De Petra

50ml 155€

A philter of Bulgarian rose, a red epithem, sensual and pungen...

Soleil de Jeddah

50ml 245€

‘Amber & Strass’Soleil de Jeddah describes the intense light of the midday sun in this Saudi A...

Soleil de Jeddah

100ml 365€

‘Amber & Strass’Soleil de Jeddah describes the intense light of the midday sun in this Saudi A...


50ml 155€

‘Long journey’Taklamakan is named after one of the biggest desert in the world on the Silk Road.Li...

Une nuit à Doha

- 50 ml 155€

Une Nuit à Doha by Stéphane Humbert Lucas was inspired by an Arabic summer night in the city....

Wish come true

50ml 195€

Like a fairy-tailored magic potion, WISH come TRUE was brewed for you to be-live in your mos...

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