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Antico Caruso - Profumum Roma

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Thursday, 02/12/2021

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Antico Caruso by Profumum. Inspired by the scent and atmosphere of a classic, old fashioned barbershop : white tiled floors and leather chairs; rich, creamy soaps and brisk herbal tonics; the buzz of good-natured conversation. A vibrant citrus note mingles with the subtle sweetness of almond on a warm base of wood. The result is clean, but in a comforting and luxurious way— not at all astringent or antiseptic. Antico Caruso brings to mind the good manners and relaxed pace of an earlier time, but has an ease and minimalism that keeps it wearable and modern. Antico Caruso notes : Citrus, almond, sandalwood. Content : 100ml.
Profumum Roma
The story of Profumum began in the small Italian town of Sant Elena Sannita, where Celestino Durante, worked as knife cutter. He and his wife instilled within their children the pride of good craftsmanship. After surviving World War II, Celestino moved his family to Rome, where they opened a small shop, which eventually blossomed into a chain of stores selling handmade soaps and other beauty products. In 1996, his grandchildren started the exclusive Profumum fragrance line. Today they pay homage to Celestino by placing bronze statues of a knife cutter in their Profumum boutiques throughout Rome. Like every self-respecting perfume line, Profumum promises that their scents evoke emotions and memories and are made of the highest quality ingredients.

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