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Luxury - Mizensir -Eaux de Parfum
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Luxury - Mizensir

190 €
  • Description
  • Mizensir
Perfume of the powder, the scents of make-up and creams... A woman gets ready whereas a man observes it. This man, it is Alberto Morillas, perfumer who puts his look with its art: of this moment, he creates Luxury, a pure concentrated of femininity. The most precious ingredients come to sublimate the natural smell of the skin as a suspicion of blusher raises the pink of a cheekbone. That feels the make-up, the captivating balms, the soft milk in the flowery notes. There is of the orange blossom, a beautiful iris to which Alberto Morillas added the irone, this naturally present molecule in the rhizome and which gives him powder signature. Notes: Head: orange blossom of Egypt, bergamot, orange essence Heart: ambrox, iris, irone Bottom: absolute of benjoin, vanilla, tonka bean, white musk.
Mizensir is the only manufacturer of perfumed candles to have an in house "nose" create the fragrances for each product. The "nose" in question is Alberto Morillas, world renowned perfume creator and winner of many an award including the Coty award for World's Best Perfume Artist of 2003. Mizensir is a family business which prides itself on perfection and which sets itself apart by offering a range of candles of the highest quality and unmatched anywhere else in the world. The methods of creation used revolve around homemade craftsmanship and know-how and strive towards a luxurious style, which is second to none. Mizensir is one of the rare manufacturers to create his candles and home fragrances by hand in his workshop near the Lac Leman in Geneva, Switzerland. His methods of working are reminiscent of those used by traditional watchmakers; each item is unique, each wrapping box is hand folded, the perfumed wax is left to rest a while so as to obtain the best results.

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