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Luxor Oud - Memo -Eaux de Parfum
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Luxor Oud - Memo

180 €
  • Description
  • Memo
Time stops at the gates of Luxor oldest place of worship of humanity, the last stop before eternity. On the banks of the Nile the sweltering heat makes me lazy. Crocodiles meander quietly on the sand, under the gaze of the Sphinx and penetrating. I directed my steps to the Millennium shadow colossi of Ramses II. The stones of the temple seem to vibrate with splendor, and its pink sigh in torpor. Luxor Oud: oasis of roses and fruit sip of freshness and sensuality, the country's greatness and majesty. Wood wife rose, under the scepter and the whip of Pharaoh. ESSENCE OF MANDARIN, berry, pink, petrol heart cypriol, ROCKROSE ABSOLUTE, cistus absolute, patchouli, styrax resin, tonka bean, ACCORD OUD
Clara and John Molloy , the founders of Memo , met on a chairlift in 2005 , between heaven and earth , between two worlds, in this space conducive to bold weightlessness that opens horizons. Very quickly , they decided to undertake together a long journey . There will also be creative. Memo , they initiate in 2007 , is part of this adventure also olfactory collection which now has eleven flavors , it is a destination point of sensory epic. This choice is guided by their history and beliefs : John Molloy grew up in the Irish invigorating nature, close to the horses before around the world to learn about other cultures as leather and earth . On Andalusian origin , and therefore sensitive to external influences , Clara Molloy forged his taste for accents in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, Catalan and Swiss mountain pine , approaching the trip as a necessary breathing, an open book life.

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