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Riva - Linari -Scented candles

Riva - Linari

51 €
Tuesday, 21/09/2021

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Crispness and Lucidity - A bouquet of vibrant magnolia blossoms, red peppercorns and citric aromas of pink grapefruit, sun-ripened mandarin and Calabrian bergamot radiates maritime finesse. The heart note is a sun-fresh composition of fruity cassis notes merged with the delicate floral aspects of orange blossom, ylang-ylang and rose oil. Sensual charm is lavishly irradiated by silky aromas of candy floss and warm notes of musk, sandalwood and patchouli. The result is a perfectly designed object as well as an elite home fragrance. The exclusive, magic black wax and wooden lids stand in contrast with the velvety surface of the glass. A unique product innovation is used by combining innovative wood wicks with the calming sound of crackling fire and the new patented MaxEssence® scenting system. Free of chemical treatments only one type of organic wood is used, harvested from renewable forests and manufactured with an all natural process. Thereby leading to a larger and faster volume of hot fragrance throw, a faster pool formation, very little sooting, no afterglow and a soothing crackling sound. The patented MaxEssence® scenting system is a specially designed liquid fragrance of high performance. It achives a high efficient cold fragrance throw as well as an surprisingly intensive hot throw. Burning time 45 - 50 hours.
Fragrance plays a very important role in our lives, both consciously and subconsciously. It is able to create or influence an atmosphere and it can affect our moods and our impressions. Born from a deep understanding, Linari have made it their mission to combine high quality room fragrances with timeless modern designs. Linari, synonymous with all that is pure and elegant, have created the perfect symbiosis between fragrance and design. All products are currently available in 12 appealing fragrances. The purism and the clarity for the design dominate the Linari products. The combination with nearly any living style - from classic to modern - is possible due to the timeless beauty. They offer an extraordinary optical eye catcher, therefore also the use in representative areas can be recommended to create a pleasurable room atmosphere. Although the Linari fine room fragrance system will create just the right atmosphere in any private living area, it's also ideal for public spaces and enjoys placement within top class hotel lobbies, bars and restaurants around the world. In addition, the product is a perfect client giveaway or employee incentive gift. Linari - symbiosis between seductive fragrance and pure design.

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