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Babylone - Laurent Mazzone Parfums -Scented candles

Babylone - Laurent Mazzone Parfums

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Friday, 17/07/2020

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  • Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Babylon or the power and beauty of an empire that at its peak, experienced an unprecedented decline and eventually disappear. An ephemeral hegemony like the smell of perfume evaporating in a fiery wake, not without us first drunk sense of memories and emotions. Almost disturbing, and deliberately provocative: a tribute to "Carpe Diem" in 300g of wax. Inspired by the song "Say goodbye to Babylon" Army of Lovers, the legendary Swedish band in-Baroque fantasy world and humorous. Composition: Honduras Vanilla, Patchouli from Indonesia, Opopanax, Sri Lanka Pepper, Jasmine White, Orange Egypt.

Laurent Mazzone Parfums
When I am engaged in this exciting and fascinating adventure that represents the world of fashion, perfume seemed to me as a must already well beyond the mere accessory.
Its wake sketch the outlines of a mysterious figure.
He plays with materials, alpacas are more elegant, silk get more voluptuous, mohair gets more caressing, gabardines get more hot...
It gives color to black.
I like black for his mystery, his impudence, his aura, his refinement.
I like clean lines to curves underlined, bold cuts, surprising asymmetries.
I also wanted to express my passion through a line of perfume that is like me, who speaks my affection for fine materials, subtle patterns.
I met composers of perfume that I admired and whose designs fill me with wonder and emotion. Their olfactory writing appeals to me, authentic, refined, different, unique ...

I let them catch me with my words, take me to my dream timeless fragrance ......

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