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Jardins Sur La Riviera - Lampe Berger -Refill

Jardins Sur La Riviera - Lampe Berger

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  • Category: Home > Refill
  • Details: Recharge lampe à parfum 500ml
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  • Description
  • Lampe Berger
Gardens on the Riviera invites us to walk on the shores of the Mediterranean fresh breeze blowing through the branches of olive trees, fig leaves freshness, richness of oak and mouse ambergris, rose smell and citrus Fragrance ... Star Escales Mediterranean Gardens, Riviera focuses on the iconic scents bordering the Mediterranean. Fresh water, green forest and a Olfactory unforgettable trip on the shores of the Mediterranean. Home Fragrance 500ml. Composition: Parfums, aqua, isopropyl alcohol. Dangerous - observe precautions
Lampe Berger
With many offices in countries around the world, Lampe Berger is truly a multi-national company with sales spanning the globe. From Europe to Asia, to the United States, the brand is synonymous with quality and beauty, no matter what language you speak. Founded in Paris in 1898, Lampe Berger is a decorative home accessory that fragrances the air while purifying. Coveted by collectors for decades, Lampe Berger commissions Europe’s foremost designers to create new products. Each lamp is then crafted in top French factories and filled with perfumes created by the same experts famous for France’s most exquisite body perfumes. The 40 fragrances in the Maison de Parfums collections arouse the senses in a most delightful way. Lampe Berger USA Inc. is comprised of three individual French lines, whose names are recognized all around the world.

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