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Fornasetti continues to acquire scores of devoted collectors around the world with its iconic range of home decor. Fornasetti plates often feature the striking face of operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri, with designs featured on a variety of ceramic pieces and home fragrance vessels. Choose from our selection of Fornasetti candles to add subtle elegance to your home.

Pennini nero

1900g 505€

The "Pennini Nero" scented candle designed by Fonresatti is presented in a ceramic vessel with i...


Scented candle - 1900G 420€294€

Fornasetti Profumi introduces the ’Sardine’collection featuring its signature ’Otto’ scent. The...


1900g 505€

Fornasetti Profumi introduces “L’Eclaireuse” with its new fragrance “Mistero”. A harmo...


1900g 505€

Fornasetti introduces "Nuvola" into the collection with a newly created mesmerising and hypnot...

Encart Pub


Scented candle - 1900G 505€

Fornasetti Profumi introduces the ’Armatura’ Scented Candle collection....


Scented candle - 1900G 460€

Fornasetti Profumi introduces the Architettura Otto Scented Candl...


1900g 460€

Fornasetti's vegetable-based wax 'Bacio' candle is housed in a ceramic vessel featuring the no...

Golden Burlesque

900g 285€

“Otto” is the signature fragrance from the Fornasetti Profumi collection. C...


Scented candle - 900G 285€

Fornasetti Profumi introduces the Scacco Otto Scented Candle, with a newly created mesmerising a...

Don Giovanni

900g 265€

Fornasetti's Don Giovanni candle is crafted of a custom clean-burning blend of mineral paraffin a...


Scented candle - 900G 265€

Fornasetti Profumi introduces the Architettura Otto Scented Candl...

Golden Burlesque

900g 285€

Large scented candle with rich gold embellishments. Fragrance notes: thyme, lavender, cedarwood....

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