The Beautiful Mind - Volume 2 - Escentric Molecules -Eaux de Parfum

The Beautiful Mind - Volume 2 - Escentric Molecules

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Monday, 08/03/2021

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Precision and Grace Volume 2 is inspired by Polina Semionova. The dance is poetry made visible, the fragrance is a dance of invisible molecules. Internationally renowned Russian ballerina Polina Semionova, is the creative partner Geza Schoen for this new fragrance Series: Accuracy & Grace. A warm and velvety musky base. '' I used Santal natural wood because compared to the synthetic version, it is more complex and animal, he expresses more body heat in motion. '' We find the soft schinus characteristic signature or pink pepper Geza Schoen. '' When you feel Precision & Grace for the first time is like a breeze, feminine and light ', according to Polina. '' Then comes this surprising Note that I love, pepper. This is added to the depth of the intensity at the fragrance. It's like a ballet; without inner strength, impossible to express lightness. '' Top Notes Poire William, Bergamot, Mandarin, Lemon Heart Notes Egyptian jasmine, Plum, Osmanthus, Mimosa, Schinus Molle, Freesia, Violet, Rose Base notes: Sandalwood, Castoreum, Myrrh, Moss, Amber
Escentric Molecules
Developed by rising star of the perfume world Geza Shoen, Molecule 01, Molecule 02 and now Molecule 03 are innovative fragrances that meld with your natural pheromones to create an individual scent that is personalised to the wearer. Molecule 01 is an expert favourite that delivers the unique quality of a bespoke fragrance with a purse-friendly price tag.

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