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Face Ultra - Cellmen -Anti aging care
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Face Ultra - Cellmen

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Intensive Revitalising Cellular Skin Care for Men All skin types / Daily, from age 40 Cyto + Phyto-Cosmeceutical24-hour, day and night skin care, with active stabilised bio-integral cells + DNA + hyaluronic acid + NDGA anti-oxidant complexHypoallergenic, dermatologically tested A unique, highly concentrated cellular and phyto treatment cream for targeted, revitalising anti-ageing action. The indispensable daily treatment for maintaining the appearance of young and healthy-looking skin. RECOMMENDED: - To all skin types - From age 30 as a cure, from age 40 as a daily treatment MAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: - Active stabilised bio-integral cells - Phyto-firming complex - Long-lasting hydrating polysaccharide-based gel - DNA from marine origin - Hyaluronic acid - Sunflower oil insaponifiable complex - Arnica and calendula oil - NDGA anti-oxidant complex ACTIONS: 1- Prevents and corrects the visible effects of ageing 2- Reinforces the natural skin's defences 3- Intensely revitalising 4- Restructuring, protective 5- Intensely moisturising* and repairing 6- Nourishing, prevents dry skin 7- Soothing and anti-stress 8- Anti-free radicals, anti-oxidant 9- Energising, revives dull complexions 10- Prevents skin slackening 11- Prevents appearance of pigmentary spots 12- Seboregulating + prevents unsightly skin shine RESULTS: - Skin revitalised - Skin nourished and soothed - Skin better moisturised* and more supple - Even complexion, healthy-looking effect TEXTURE:Fine, non-greasy, unctuous, rapidly absorbed cream TREATMENT PLAN:Morning and evening, all year round
Cellmen is a cellular-based skin care product that is unique in that it has been specifically formulated to respect the hormonal identity of the male skin. Marketed as a high-end "guy" product, Cellmen uses straightforward, simple, and subtle, masculine branding. For men, a non-greasy, unscented moisturizing, Cellmen Face utilizes Vitamin E, combat the free radicals known to challenge the skin's epidermis and contribute to aging. With regular, recommended use and healthy habits Cellmen quickly makes your skin conspicuously smoother and more supple. Cellmen products follow in the tradition of the dermo-cosmetic greats whose regular usage improves the aspect of the skin and actually delays the effects of its aging.

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