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Active Tonic  - Cellcosmet -Body Scrub & Peeling
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Active Tonic - Cellcosmet

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  • Description
  • Cellcosmet

Electrolytic toner with a gentle micro-exfoliant electrolytic complex

Tones and rebalances skin functions
Perfects skin cleansing and make-up removal
Refreshes and enhances skin complexion
Acting as a real biological mini-peeling, it maximises skin's receptivity to Cellcosmet active complexes
Its added value:
The ultimate tonic!
Its micro-exfoliating action optimises the absorption of active ingredients and clears the complexion
Dermatologically tested

Every morning and evening throughout the year

Cleaner, fresher and toned skin
An intense radiance of complexion

All skin types, except very reactive skin or skin suffering from dermatosis (psoriasis, eczema)
Important Recommendation:
The electrolytic action of Cellcosmet Tonic Lotion can cause a slight stinging when applied to skin. This sensation disappears rapidly. Sensitive or reactive skin may experience this sensation more intensely. This should under no circumstances be unpleasant. It is therefore recommended to apply it to a small zone of the face before a global application.

Cellcosmet skin care products are based on a revolutionary cellular based formula. Unlike most cellular cosmetics which use freeze-dried cells, the Cellcosmet products are enriched with bio-integral cells whose biological integrity has been preserved. Thanks to the exclusive method of stabilization, these cells are kept for months in their bio-integral state. The result of this breakthrough development is a skin care line that is exceptionally effective in dramatically improving the appearance and quality of your skin. Your skin softens when you apply the non-greasy cream enriched with strong natural moisturizers nourished by the supply of precious stabilized bio-integral cells and Vitamin E. The Cellcosmet product improves the radiance and manage pre-mature aging of the skin. Elite Skin Care is an authorized retailer of Cellcosmet's products.

The great merit of Cellap Laboratory was to integrate its cosmetic bio-integral cells active stabilized CellControl obtained through a revolutionary process of stabilization which Cellap Laboratory holds the worldwide exclusive.

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