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Cellulite Xt-A - Cellcosmet

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Biological Anti-Cellulite Cream All skin types / All ages Attack treatment Phyto-Cosmeceuticalbased on phyto-sterol complex Ref. 221.001 Pump bottle 125ml/123g. Net wt. 4.23 oz. RECOMMENDED: - To all women of any age throughout the year to prevent the appearance of cellulite - To all women of any age to reduce the orange peel appearance of the skin ACTIONS: CELLULITE-XT-A helps to: - Reduce the aromatase activity, enzyme which is responsible for the formation of cellulite - Prevent the appearance of subcutaneous fatty deposits - Eliminate biologically fatty deposits - Moisturise* the epidermis - Firm the cutaneous tissues on cellulitic areas - Smoothe the skin and helps gradually diminish the orange peel appearance RESULTS: - Orange peel appearance visibly reduced - Smoother skin on concerned cellulite areas TEXTURE: Non-greasy and rapidly absorbed Allows an optimal application without leaving an oily sensation on the skin TREATMENT PLAN: Attack treatment: 1 application per day on the cellulitic areas for 8 to 12 weeks
Cellcosmet skin care products are based on a revolutionary cellular based formula. Unlike most cellular cosmetics which use freeze-dried cells, the Cellcosmet products are enriched with bio-integral cells whose biological integrity has been preserved. Thanks to the exclusive method of stabilization, these cells are kept for months in their bio-integral state. The result of this breakthrough development is a skin care line that is exceptionally effective in dramatically improving the appearance and quality of your skin. Your skin softens when you apply the non-greasy cream enriched with strong natural moisturizers nourished by the supply of precious stabilized bio-integral cells and Vitamin E. The Cellcosmet product improves the radiance and manage pre-mature aging of the skin. Elite Skin Care is an authorized retailer of Cellcosmet's products.

The great merit of Cellap Laboratory was to integrate its cosmetic bio-integral cells active stabilized CellControl obtained through a revolutionary process of stabilization which Cellap Laboratory holds the worldwide exclusive.

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