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Muzi - Room Spray - 500ml - Baobab Collection  - Scented diffusers with sticks - Home Fragrances

Room Spray - 500ml, Baobab Collection


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Baobab Collection first saw the light of day in 2002, in the enchanting landscape of Tanzania, a country rich in intense colours and bewitching perfumes. The collections are inspired by faraway places and wild nature but it is in Belgium that the new creations are dreamed up. A small country recognized for its creativity, know-how and minimal chic.

The Belgian brand largely draws its inspiration from the vast wonders of the world. Each candle tells a new story: its name, its perfume and its materials are closely linked.

Through Baobab Collection, the candle becomes an object of decoration. Like the baobab tree in the African savannah, the candle impresses and stands out from the ordinary, an ordinary pro- duct that becomes extraordinary. That is true luxury.

TRANO means house in Malagasy. We have chosen this evocative name to celebrate home design, both inside and outside your house. Baobab collection has drawn his inspiration from the traditions of the Ndebele women of South Africa. These women have an ancestral know-how that they pass on from mother to daughter. The art of painting the outside walls of their houses with colourful frescoes and geometric patterns.

This collection is the third edition of candles covered with raffia. The fiber is hand crocheted by a cooperative of malagasy women with a rare and ancestral know-how.

Archaic wall painting draws on the four colours used by Ndebele women at a time when they could not get hold of commercial paints and had to make do with natural pigments; brown, oak, red, black and blue. These are the colours used for the raf a collection “TRANO”.

With a view to preserving this endangered ancestral art, an association, MTAM (Mpumalanga Traditional Art Market), was created in South Africa. This association enabled us to travel to South Africa and meet the last Ndebele women artists and their daughters, who we hope will carry on the tradition.

The Muzi scented candle bears the name of the chief of the Ndebele tribe who brought them to settle in the region around Pretoria in 1600. Its geometric pattern of a house roof ends in a wide turquoise stripe evocative of the blue skies of South Africa. Two small houses in hand-lacquered horn are attached like pendants, creating a joyous and decorative effect. The fruity aroma of the Muzi candle will transport you to a refreshing world of summer citrus.

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