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Feathers Touareg - Baobab Collection -Scented candles

Feathers Touareg - Baobab Collection

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  • Baobab Collection

Feathers and Feathers Masaai are leaving the village at night to take the advantage of the freshness. They are walking in direction of the Saharan Desert. Weeks after weeks they are astounded by the beauty and the smells of the landscapes of Africa.

The white Owl is protecting them from the wild animals. They arrive exhausted at the door of the Saharan Desert and they don’t know how they will cross it without any help. With no water left, they fall unconscious when a Caravan of Touaregs arrives and takes them on their camels.Recovering slowly from a long sleep, Feathers and Feathers Masaai become friends with an older Touaregs who decides to leave on the road of consciousness and cross the sea to reach the “New World”. They arrive in Manhattan…

Feathers Touareg
The Touaregs, also called “the blue men” due to the color of their attire, are a nomadic tribe seen as lords of the desert. The Feathers Touareg candle references the color of this tribe’s majestic appearance with its dark blue details.This scent’s mint and jasmine notes conjure up visions of festive evenings around a fire sipping tea, taking in the various fascinating smells of Africa.

Top Note: Mint, Jasmine, Musc

Baobab Collection
Baobab Collection has been created by Valérie Bietlot on a coffee table in her home in South Africa in 2002 on the eve of a departure to a new living in Tanzania. After two years in these magnificient landscapes with intense colours and enchanting perfumes. Valérie returns to Belgium with the Baobab Collection in her luggage. The handmade collection of decorative candles underlines its African heritage by proposing eight exclusive colours combined each with a selective fragrance that will bring you to the African heartland... Baobab Collection consist of a range of coloured and scented candles poured into transparent glass vases.

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