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Black Pearl Maxi Max - Baobab Collection -Scented candles
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Black Pearl Maxi Max - Baobab Collection

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  • Baobab Collection
Black Pearl: Black Rose - Ginger Pearls have always been a symbol refinement. So the word "Pearl" became a name common to describe the rarity and beauty of a person. This is mainly the environment Pearl will define its color. the Most are white tinged with pinkish light reflection. But they can beings as yellow, green, blue or and even this very rarely black. The "Pearls" collection draws inspiration in this miracle of Nature.
Baobab Collection
Baobab Collection has been created by Valérie Bietlot on a coffee table in her home in South Africa in 2002 on the eve of a departure to a new living in Tanzania. After two years in these magnificient landscapes with intense colours and enchanting perfumes. Valérie returns to Belgium with the Baobab Collection in her luggage. The handmade collection of decorative candles underlines its African heritage by proposing eight exclusive colours combined each with a selective fragrance that will bring you to the African heartland... Baobab Collection consist of a range of coloured and scented candles poured into transparent glass vases.

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