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All Seasons - Dark Rhino - Baobab Collection -Scented candles

All Seasons - Dark Rhino - Baobab Collection

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Today there are five species of rhinos surviving on earth. Two species (black & white) occur in Africa. Three species (Indian, Java and Sumatran) occur in Asia. The white rhinos name derives from the Dutch ”Weit” meaning wide, a reference to its wide, square muzzle adapted for grazing. The white rhino, that is actually grey, has a pronounced hump on the neck, a long face and can exceed over 3000kg in weight. It is one of the few remaining ”Megafauna”, and behind the elephant is probably the most massive remaining land animal in the world.

The dark rhino scented candle perfectly captures the grace of these social animals with its grey-coloured wax and delicate notes of vetiver and sandalwood.

Top Note : Vetiver, Sandalwood 

Baobab Collection
Baobab Collection has been created by Valérie Bietlot on a coffee table in her home in South Africa in 2002 on the eve of a departure to a new living in Tanzania. After two years in these magnificient landscapes with intense colours and enchanting perfumes. Valérie returns to Belgium with the Baobab Collection in her luggage. The handmade collection of decorative candles underlines its African heritage by proposing eight exclusive colours combined each with a selective fragrance that will bring you to the African heartland... Baobab Collection consist of a range of coloured and scented candles poured into transparent glass vases.

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