Cedar Ride - Andy Tauer -Room fragrances

Cedar Ride - Andy Tauer

60 €
Tuesday, 07/12/2021

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  • Andy Tauer

Created by Andy Tauer, the room fragrances are amazingly rich and will perfume your home, your fabric, your body. 

The room fragrances are rich in naturals, and are micro encapsulated in a carrier, making them last. And because they are water based: They are safe to use, too.

CEDAR RIDE: Cedarwood - from the Atlas Mountains - graced with floral ambergris to perfume your home.

Bonus: You can apply on skin or on fabric, too. Try it!

Andy Tauer
"I invite you to join me on a journey through fragrant lands and discover truly exciting fragrances.
...with love, from Zurich, Switzerland."
Andy Tauer

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