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Murano Mogano (Mahogany Wood) - Acqua Di Parma -Scented candles
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Murano Mogano (Mahogany Wood) - Acqua Di Parma

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  • Description
  • Acqua Di Parma
COLLECTION CANDLES MURANO Mahogany wood, mixed with notes of vetiver and elemi, is not without reminding us of the great Venetian ships crossing the seas and oceans to bring rare and precious commodities. A warm fragrance with warm notes. An exclusive collection of candles which the glass is completely handmade by master glassmakers of Murano, the island of glassmakers in Venice. Three flavors Lime, Mahogany and Tonka, three lenses made with the technique of working "on the barrel." Of unique and sophisticated fragrances. Time : 30 hours Weight : 200/270 gr
Acqua Di Parma
Acqua di Parma is an exclusive luxury fragrant lifestyle product range for women, men, and the home. Steeped in history and style, the superb frangrance of hand distilled Acqua di Parma original cologne with its carefully selected aromatics is at the heart of a range that offers the pleasure of the very essence of Italy and is enjoyed by so many international celebrities including : Isabella Rossellini, Kate Moss, Kevin Costner, Harrisson Ford, Sharon Stone, Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd, Al Pacino and Jude Law. Not to forget icons of glamour past including Ava Gardner, Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. Acqua di Parma's products have always remained loyal to its history and tradition. Acqua di Parma is inimitable in its line of exclusive natural products.

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